Aptitude Human Resource Consulting Limited was founded out of the personal mission and vision of its Managing Director to see the realization of Human Resources (HR) becoming an active business partner in the corporate sector of Trinidad and Tobago. Aptitude is a little over two (2) years old, having been established in March 2013 and in that time, Aptitude has been able to build an active client base which includes both private and public sector companies.

The core of the current service offerings focuses in the areas of Recruitment and Selection, Discipline and Grievance and, the review and documentation of Policies and Procedures. Aptitude prides itself in utilising an unconventional approach to the delivery of its services. They ensure that in every step of the process its clients are kept engaged and informed.

Above all else Aptitude guarantees that every individual who comes to Aptitude is able to achieve their fullest potential and realize the best version of themselves all whilst having fun and enjoying the experience of the journey!


To work with our clients and their employees to foster a culture of individual and team effectiveness; where employees and employers work together to create and maintain a healthy and positive work environment.


To create an environment and image so that all who partner with Aptitude can become more aware of their purpose and develop their fullest potential.


In its thrust to provide an alternative approach and concept to HR, Aptitude is guided by its inner voice which is:
• Friendly
• Confident
• Honest
• Assertive
• Empathetic
• Unconventional


Aptitude’s work is founded on the following core values:
• Moral Imagination
• Critical Thinking
• Responsibility
• Reliability
• Empathy
• Business Minded
• Courtesy
• Intelligence
• Common Sense
• Conscious Awareness
• Adventurous
• Fun Loving
• Spirituality
• Humour


• HR Strategy Development.
• Review and/or Design of Organisational Structures.

• Extended Selection Process.
• Psychometric Assessments.
• Career Coaching/Counselling.
• Employee Screening.

• Manage Claims.
• Salary Determination Advice.

• Team Building.
• Terminations.

• Employee Handbooks.
• Employee Engagement Surveys.
• HR Audits.

• Leadership Development and Coaching.
• Development Centres.

• Administrative Relief.